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How to grac approach local government to carry out

GRAC Vietnam approaches local governments to carry out their digital transformation in waste management in several ways:

  1. Pilot Projects: GRAC can initiate pilot projects to implement innovative solid waste management solutions. These projects can focus on waste segregation at the source, recycling, and composting.
  2. Collaboration with Local Governments: They collaborate with local governments to improve waste collection and treatment infrastructure.
  3. Education and Awareness: GRAC conducts awareness programs to educate the public about the importance of waste segregation, recycling, and composting.
  4. Digital Transformation Projects: They run digital transformation projects intended to bring about efficiencies and savings to council’s waste and recycling budget.
  5. Waste Tracking Solution: They implement a waste tracking solution that strengthens compliance, reduces admin, and increases transparency.
  6. Online Waste Market: GRAC allows users to find, trade, and recycle items, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.
  7. Incentives for Recycling: The app incentivizes users to recycle and make smarter decisions about waste.
  8. Community Building: The app connects users with a community of like-minded individuals interested in reducing waste.
  9. Connection with Local Businesses: The app connects people with local businesses that practice zero-waste principles.
  10. Digital Transformation of Waste Management: The Grac software provides management tools for waste collection units and authorities.

These strategies are designed to help local governments digitally transform waste management, promote sustainability, and reduce municipal solid waste.

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