Grac startup Case study

Grac is a technology startup company specializing in digital transformation of waste management for state management units and waste collection companies.

Successful business model:
  • Rubicon Global ( unicorn company $2 billion in US)
  • Rts company, Octobus (Indonesia),…
Grac’s revenue from:
  • Main:  SaaS ERP software for State Management Agencies and waste collection businesses.
  • Main: Collecting garbage money.
  • Supporting circular economy models
  • EPR – Extended Producer Responsibility.
  • Consulting waste separation at Source.

The problem Grac are solving

  • About waste management, environment: Waste management is still done on paper and manual excel, which is quite time-consuming, labor and costly. Currently, landfills in Vietnam are gradually overloaded and polluting because of poor waste management.
  • Social: citizen and government need to implement waste separation at source but have not been successful.
  • Economic: circular economy has not been implemented at the household scale.
How is Grac’s solution uniquely addressing this problem ?
  • About waste management: The software for digital transformation of waste management by technology helps management and audit activities, saving time and money.
  • Social: Helping Vietnam to separate waste at source successfully.
  • Economic: Grac helps parties connect in the circular economy reduce, reuse, recycle.
How will Grac’s product, solution change the society ?  
  • Grac software for digital transformation helps to change the management method in the field of waste management of garbage collectors. App Grac changes awareness and changes the behavior of using and disposing of environmentally responsible waste.
  • Everyone has to dispose of waste, so the more popular the Grac app is, the more people can change their green lifestyle and love the environment in their daily activities.
What is the big picture or vision?
  • SaaS ERP software Grac aims to complete digital transformation for Ho Chi Minh City by 2023 and digital transformation for the whole of Vietnam by 2025.
  • App grac expands to Southeast Asian countries by 2025.
What is Grac’s competitive advantage ?
  • There are no similar products on the market
  • Affordable products.
  • Scalable business.
  • We have 15 years of experience of waste management.
More information:


  • Email: congnghe@grac.vn
  • Phone: 1900 0340  – 0908090013

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